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We Genovese are a proud member of Origin Green.
Created by Bord Bia - Irish Food Board this is the world's first national food sustainability programme. It unites the industry towards a common purpose to improve the sustainability of our food industry.

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We produce fresh pestos and tapenades under two brands – Genovese, with its traditional Italian flavours and aesthetic; and Veggie Earth, our plant-based alternatives which have more zestful Mediterranean flavours and a modern aesthetic. Both brands are available in a selection of retailers throughout Ireland.

As well as clean label being at the core of our company, we constantly strive to improve our sustainability story.

Extra virgin olive oil is the primary ingredient used in most of our products which we now import directly from the farmer as a collaboration with a small exclusive family estate in Portugal, allowing us to use a truly gourmet oil of exceptional quality in our products while reducing the supply chain. This allows the farmer to achieve full price for his oil and gives us a superior oil, without the middleman making most of the profit.

This wonderful oil is fresh and fruity and was pivotal to us winning six awards in 2020 alone. This exclusive single farm, single variety, cold pressed gourmet extra virgin olive oil is now also available to buy under our Veggie Earth brand, but only from our website.

Basil is the primary herb used throughout our ranges, but basil is difficult to grow in Ireland hence most used in catering is imported and travels many thousands of miles before reaching our shores.

As part of our company’s ongoing sustainability improvements, we wanted an alternative to importing which we found in the form of hydroponic farming, a sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture which allows us buy home grown basil all year round. Our basil is cut and delivered from southern Ireland within 24 hours, giving us the freshest most aromatic basil available today.

Not only has this basil improved the flavour of our products, it more importantly brings us closer to the long term sustainable credentials we are committed to and which we constantly strive towards in our business practices.

Our sustainlibility story Genovese foods

If you believe in clean, additive free, healthier food
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As with everything we do, we strive to improve what we do and how we do it, all the time. After many years we have eventually found an Irish company that thinks like we do.

At present, all the outer cases used by us to deliver goods to store are supplied by this Irish company and made from 90% recycled board and all those cases are 100% recyclable.

We do not use plastic tape to keep boxes closed but have designed our delivery cases with fold and tab closures instead. Our glass jars contain an average of 55% recycled cullet, which is as high as it can be for food products, otherwise the glass become too brittle.

All the packaging we use is either fully recyclable or compostable. In 2020, we moved 50% of our products away from stickly jar labels which are not recyclable or compostable in favour of a jar wrap with the following info printed and with the FSC logo visible.

Packaging Piece Our Sustainable
Packaging Piece Our Sustainable

Packed in recyclable glass jars & metal lids with a compostable cardboard wrap made from FSC Certified Board, printed using vegetable based inks, aqueous coatings and sealed with vegan friendly glue – printed on the reverse of the wrap with 14 ways of how to use the product.